Zeus Magazine Summer 2010 – Are We Abandoning Out Gay Seniors? By JL Jordan III

Zeus Magazine Summer 2010

Are We Abandoning Out Gay Seniors?

By JL Jordan III

The Generation Left Behind

Remember the commercial, “HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” Now if you were a heterosexual elderly individual someone would be there to pick you up, but who would be there to help an elderly gay senior? Has it got you thinking? Well, simply, the facts speak for themselves: according to the Brookdale Center for Aging, within the gay senior community 75% of individuals live alone. This is more than two times the general population. According to the Center, 90% of Gay seniors have no children and 80% have no family they can call on for help and support.

As the world continues to progress, the younger generation does as well, leaving behind the old ways and thoughts of the past, but our seniors are left to suffer. Research prepared by the Services & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Elders (SAGE) has shown that the factors that most gay seniors have to face are poverty, lack of family, healthcare, and government assistance.  These factors can lead to the increased chance for gay seniors to be hospitalized prematurely as well as to develop mental health problems.

The main criticism of the treatment of aging gays in this country is the failure to recognize that the family is an essential unit of treatment.  For gay seniors, this becomes an issue of recognizing that the patient may not have a traditional family, and that a partner or sibling will be a critical component of the person’s care. Without proper training in alternative treatments from traditional geriatric assistance, the gay senior will not receive the same healthcare as a heterosexual senior.

However, the reality is that the gay community faces discrimination from home health workers, health care facilities, and physicians.  Most employees in nursing homes, home health workers, are rarely, if ever, trained in dealing with the gay community. Not only are they oblivious to the needs and issues of the gay senior community, but also many discriminate against gays, lesbians, and bisexual and transgender people. For a gay senior this can cause a health care facility to be a high-stress and unhealthy environment, which will cause unease both mentally and physically. Research Dr. Catherine Barrett from the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS), based at La Trobe University, explained, “There is a hidden terror confronting gay baby-boomers and other older seniors who are not sexually mainstream – the prospect of confinement to the darkest closet of their lives.”

But there is hope; SAGE has become an important “safety net” for GAY elders.  Incorporated by lesbian and gay activists and aging service professionals in 1978 as Senior Action in a Gay Environment, (SAGE) is the world’s oldest and largest non-profit agency addressing the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender elders.  SAGE works with gay elders to address and overcome the challenges of discrimination in senior-service settings, while also being an essential component in the creation of informal care-giving support and development of new “family” networks.

However, the prospect for gay youth is not as bleak. As society becomes more accepting of the gay community, it will be easier to excel in the workforce and prepare for your future when you become a gay senior even if the gay seniors that are around now are not that lucky. They’ve had to deal with the discrimination of not being hired, or not being given a promotion because of how they live their lives. They were not able to rely on a partner for physical or monetary support. Not because their partner didn’t want to but because of the laws and legislation that prevented it.

Imagine you’ve been with you partner for 50 years. Your partner has been a city employee working for 30 years and about to receive their pension, and suddenly the unthinkable happens and they die. Now, if you were a heterosexual couple you would be entitled to the pension and their other benefits.  However, if you are a gay couple you are entitled to nothing. If you think you would be entitled to receive a part of their social security, think again.  This was the case in the death of the nation’s first openly gay congressman, Gerry Studds. Studd’s husband, Dean Hara, was denied pension death benefits by the federal government under the (DOMA). If Hara were a woman and married to Studds – rather than a same-sex spouse – he would receive $62,000 a year of Studd’s pension program under the congressional retirement system.

Instead, because of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, the federal government refuses to recognize the 2004 marriage between Studds and Hara in Massachusetts.  Elderly gay individuals have been forced to live in the shadows because their community has abandoned them.

The more important question is why do we, as the next generation of the out and proud gay men continue to allow this unfair treatment to happen? We owe them more than that.  Without their sacrifices we wouldn’t be able to live as out and proud gay men.  The least we can do is help them up when they have fallen and can’t get up. Although like many, I am continuing to celebrate my 21st birthday again every year, the reality is, as an aging gay male, I have to stop and think about the future.  I have a life partner and don’t want to have to deal with the same issues when I am officially a gay senior.  And hopefully, I won’t have to.

Q Vegas Magazine July 2005 – Qgossip – On the Town with JL Jordan III

Q Vegas Magazine July 2005


On the Town with JL Jordan III

First, I have to extend kudos to SNAPI for a job well done producing this year’s Pride parade and festival.

Apparently, Grammy Award winner Jody Watley is still looking for a new love because our search-party had spent over thirty minutes looking for her when she finally arrived at the festival in typical diva fashion – late. She wowed the crowd with a solid, but rather short, performance.

Actor Alan Cumming gets my Diva-of-the-Month Award. As I arrived to pick him up for the festival in an ample-size Cadillac Escalade, compliments of Findlay Cadillac, I was unpleasantly surprised by the discovery that he had invited six friends. Ever the consummate problem solver, I immediately ditched the Cadillac, ran over to the Venetian Concierge, and arranged for a limousine to transport us. If that weren’t enough, Alan wouldn’t even think about stepping on stage without food and cocktails for himself and his crew. All this hullabaloo for someone who was just announcing Jody Watley. You would have thought I was escorting Tom Cruise. Both Jody and Alan, and his crew, ended up partying at the reigning King of Saturday night scene, Krave. Speaking of Krave, the house was packed for a flashback to the 80s and to  hear pop sensation Tiffany perform some of her new material.

Legendary superstar female impersonator Frank Marino is the reigning King – or Queen – of the Strip, depending on which way you look at it. Already the longest-running headliner on the Las Vegas Strip as the star of An Evening at LaCage for over twenty years, he has just passed another milestone. On July 4, he and his long-time partner, Shannon Schechter, will be celebrating an astonishing twelve years together. Shannon, if you enjoy a man in a dress, why didn’t you marry a woman???

On Thursday nights, before the Toni James Lip Sync Contest (now at midnight instead of 11:00 p.m.) at Mary’s and the Shannel show at Gipsy, stop by to check out SF hottie, Chris Clouse. This smoldering talent presents a free live performance featuring a unique blend of acoustic guitar plus a DJ every Thursday starting at 9:00 p.m., at Simon Kitchen and Bar inside the Hard Rock.

Hamburger Mary’s is trying to out-do itself on Friday nights. As you may already be aware, for the past several months, they have been packing the house during Friday night’s Drag It Out Show. Now, Kitchen Manager and Resident Nurse Ratchet, Theresa Margiotta will be adding a rotating Italian menu. I’ve tasted samples of the proposed fare, and she will put your favorite Italian restaurant to the test. Make sure you check out their new and delightful eight-page bar menu. Mary’s has also just premiered JL’s Honey Don’t Martini to rave reviews. Of course – it is names after me, and I am DE-licious!!!

After all the support from the legendary Penn & Teller for issues related to our community, I decided to make a surprise visit to their show.  It was refreshing to take a break from Cirque-typical water, fire, sleazy seductive scenes, and midgets flying through the sky, to be entertained by the talents of Penn & Teller. Great show. Check it out.

After the mixed reviews of Le Reve’s debut, recent changes made to the Franco Dragone created water-theme production show have definitely paid off. Despite a few minor dose-off scenes, it was truly an entertaining show.

I have seen A New Day several times, and although Celine’s “I am bigger than life” attitude can get a bit dull, the production, music, dancers, and of course singing continues to make it one of the best shows on the strip, hands-down. If I were single, I would definitely want to take a couple of those dancers home to mama Jordan.

Gravure premiered its new national campaign and line of diamond wedding bands, engagement, anniversary and commitment rings at the JCK Show Las Vegas. To celebrate, the company hosted a private VIP event at ICE Las Vegas. The exclusive after-hours soiree for celebrity guests and other VIP attendees fell short of boasting glitter, glamour and Gravure’s distinctive sense of style. After an extended wait for the arrival of Gabrielle Union, Jason Alexander, and Lance Bass, as soon as they arrived on the red carpet, I took some quick photos and left the boring event.

As stated last month, our options for nightlife keep getting better and better. My buddy Paul San Filipo, owner of Gipsy Nightclub, opened Suede Restaurant & Lounge (former location of Sasha’s and Tramps). With a four-day grand opening, Suede made the most of its luxe ultra lounge charms.

These days only one person can get my mouth to open wide and that is my boyfriend, Javier Munoz. That said, my jaw dropped open as I looked around Suede. The numerous plasma screens throughout had me thinking I was walking into the home of make-up artist and stylist to the stars, Kerry Lacy. And those who spend a lot of time in public bathrooms will thoroughly enjoy Suede’s fabu bath facilities.

The few menu items I tried didn’t thrill me, but the prices are more than reasonable. Paul, thank you for giving us an upscale hand out that many community members have been craving for a long time.

Please stop by and say hello to the “fruit loop’s” new neighbor, the Rainbow Bar & Grill. The VIP Grand Opening drew a mediocre crowd. However, KTNV Channel 13 Action News in the Morning Anchor, Ron Futrell stopped by to check out the new establishment. Our very own Monti Rock III held court in not one, but two booths. The Rainbow has a fabulous outdoor patio and although I couldn’t imagine sitting out there during a Vegas summer afternoon, it is definitely a worthy dinner or late-night option. I am significantly impressed with the new kids on the bloc

Q Vegas Magazine June 2005 – Qgossip – On the Town with JL by JL Jordan III

Q Vegas Magazine June 2005


On the Town with JL by JL Jordan III

Five years of design, construction and mystery have finally come to a head. But was the $2.7 billion Wynn Las Vegas worth the wait? The opening drew large crowds, with commoners waiting near the main entrances for the public unveiling, and more than 2,000 guests who paid either $7,500 or $1,500 for a private grand opening charity gala.  The gala included food samplings from the property’s signature restaurants and the premiere of Le Reve, the Franco Dragone- created water-theme production show.  Despite the latest mega resort offering’s great attention to detail, and genuine opulence (including a swank gold course and Ferrari dealership, Wynn is typical… well, Wynn.  At first glance, it tempts with the promise of rich integration of the private and the public, the elitist and the populace, but in the end it is content with merely being the Bellagio, only a little nice.  Alas, it is indeed, an imperfect dream.

After the rocky launch of their concert series, Krave Nightclub/Las Vegas has recovered well after bringing in dance and pop sensation Niki Harris (backup singer for Madonna), who simply rocked the house.  An encore performance with girlfriends, legendary Patti Labelle and number one dance club diva Kristine W. left one in complete awe. Queen Patti left just in time – before showing the crowd what a diva looks like under the influence of alcoholic spirits. Subsequently, she didn’t hold out long enough to pay a visit next door to Klear, the hot new after hour’s spot.  It doesn’t appear that Krave plans on giving up their reign as the undisputed king of Saturday nights anytime soon.

The Toni James Lip Sync Contest recently premiered at Hamburger Mary’s. Despite a mediocre opening night turn out, Toni James proved that her age don’t mean a thang, and she’s STILL got that swang. The minor break was good for her,  Toni has shed a few pounds and looked great doing her infamous cartwheel on stage.  The first show ended well with Sage Sommers (reigning Ms. Gay Pride and Ms. Gay Las Vegas) emerging as the first winner in the six-week series.

Kenny Kerr took a break from KRAVE-ing men to perform a special Mother’s Day show at Hamburger Mary’s.  It looked like a Friday night at Mary’s with every seat in the house filled. After a shaky start with her three-piece band, Kenny showed the audience what true talent could deliver. She lit up the night with a live set that included a crowd-pleasing medley of songs.  The legendary Frank Marino considered cancelling his An Evening at La Cage show on the strip to come pay respects to his elder Kenny but opted not to attend at the last minute.  I wonder if it had anything to do with his last dining experience at Hamburger Mary’s. A new addition to Mary’s staff apparently just woke up from the Stone Age because he actually had no idea who Frank Marino was (AND had the audacity to tell him to his face); leaving Frank and his guest waiting for longer than any diva should stand.  However: Frank, do not let that deter you from returning.  I know it may be hard to believe, but I am one of the most difficult individuals to wait on, and normally Mary’s service is more than above average.  Except for last Tuesday – but that’s another story.

Shannel made a wise business decision to hold the start of her Illusions Cabaret show at Queen mother Gipsy until Kenny’s show ended at Hamburger Mary’s, demonstrating that she clearly knows when to respect her female illusionist elders.

Our options for nightlife keep getting better and better.  Paul San Filipo, owner of Gipsy Nightclub, has opened Suede Restaurant & Lounge (former location of Sasha’s and Tramps). After a walk through of the club, this is definitely a design upgrade from Gipsy.

The curtain has closed on another great show.  Forbidden Vegas has bowed out at the Westin Casuarina Hotel & Spa. I guess they didn’t heed the (free!) advice from my March 2005 column. I said it then, and I’ll say it now: It is forbidden to poke fun at the legendary Gladys Knight.

Nicky Hilton held a midnight fashion show in Rain for her clothing line, Chick. Paris Hilton, Kimberly Stewart and the Palm Girls were among the models strutting down the runway.

Q Vegas Magazine May 2005 – On the Q-T – Out on the Town with JL Jordan III

Q Vegas Magazine May 2005

On the Q-T

Out on the Town with JL Jordan III

On July 25, 1975, A Chorus Line opened on Broadway at the Shubert Theatre. After nine Tony Awards and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, it closed there on April 28, 1990 after 6,137 performances. For some time, it held the record as the longest-running musical in history. A Chorus Line was not just another hit show. It spoke to and for a generation. For those who loved it, the theater was forever changed, and our lives forever enriched by this “singular sensation.” Well, you can’t keep true theatrical production down for long, the blockbuster Broadway musical A Chorus Line will open May 13 for a three-week run at the beautiful Starbright Theatre in Summerlin. Three longtime members of Las Vegas’ theater community, including the well-known Super Summer Theatre director Betty Sullivan-Cleary (Annie, Fiddler on the Roof, South Pacific), have joined forces to create a new theatrical production company, Sullivan Freyd Sperling, and A Chorus Line is their debut effort. This has the pedigree to be a big hit.

Self-proclaimed Diva, Brandon Johnson (aka Diva Delfrente), has stepped down as entertainment and marketing director at queen mother Gipsy. Leaving his bitchy attitude behind, he then strutted his merry way over to Hamburger Mary’s to join sexy Kevin Smith, cutie twinkie boy Dusty Alexander, and straight boy hunk Charles ‘Chuck’ Wolf as a bartender. Brandon appears to be a somewhat new and rejuvenated person. Stop by and say hello. It’s amazing what a change in venue can do!

Speaking of former Gipsy alumni, the infamous Las Vegas drag queen Toni James is back and this time she ain’t playin’! Starting Thursday, May 12 at 11 p.m., she will rise from the dead to bring back her once-popular Las Vegas Lip Sync Contest.  After the cancellation of Shannel’s Gipsy Lip Sync Contest, the girls have been itching for a place to compete.  Hamburger Mary’s has secured its position as the Friday night pre-party spot, but only time will tell if they can get in the rankings for the Thursday night pre-party crown. For all you Thursday Freezone and Gipsy whores, the show will end in plenty of time for you to still visit your Thursday night favorites.

OK, not to overload you with news of the legendary Frank Marino, but I have to tell you, I have seen An Evening at LaCage more times than I can remember. And no matter how many times you see LaCage, it remains entertaining. Of course, some performers are more notable than others. Sammy Gonzalez, former stylist for Debbie Reynolds and current LaCage Liza Minnelli, out-performs them all.  Honorable mention goes out to Brent Allen who gives you chills with his Judy Garland performance.

Everyone knows that I am a longtime Co-Chair of the Latino Fan Club of the World with my buddy Co-Chair Paul San Filipo, owner of Gipsy Nightclub. For you fellow fan club members, I am happy to announce that mega club Krave is now presenting Copacavana Latin Night every Tuesday starting at 10 p.m. The opening left me craving more than just burritos. Make sure you check out Klear. Their new after-hours party every Friday and Saturday night from 3 a.m. – 10 a.m.

If you are in the mood for lounging, check out The Whiskey at Green Valley Ranch. I recently spotted a couple of Ocean’s Eleven stars. Rain and ghost bar at the Palms have seen their share of celebrities. My future husband Leo (DiCaprio) celebrated his birthday recently.

The Palms Casino Resort recently welcomed Coors Light and Maxim magazine for the Finals of the 2004-2005 Coors Light Maxim Girl Contest.  Celebrity judges included model and Surreal Life star Adrianne CurryTerrell Owens, star wide receiver of the Philadelphia Eagles, Kristen and Elizabeth – the Coors Twins, director Michael Bay, Jake Plummer, quarterback of the Denver Broncos and Simeon Rice, star of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, AJ Feeley, quarterback of the Miami Dolphins and Kyle Boller, quarterback of Baltimore Ravens.

Superstar vocalist Josh Groban recently performed to a sold-out audience at Mandalay Bay. Sorry guys, I know that Josh’s velvet voice makes your toes tingle and probably some other body parts, but unfortunately, the singer is still hot ‘n’ heavy with actress January Jones, ex-girlfriend of MTV’s ‘Punk’d’ star Ashton Kutcher. However, she was not present for this performance.

3 Doors Down took a getaway from Escatawpa, Mississippi to gamble at The Palms before performing at Rain.  After selling over 11 million albums in the U.S. alone since debuting in 2000, no one seemed to know who they were while walking around the property.



Q Vegas Magazine April 2005 – On the Q-T – On the Town with JL Jordan III

Q Vegas Magazine April 2005

On the Q-T

On the Town with JL Jordan III

The often contested but undisputed queen of female impersonation graces this month’s cover.  Check out Frank Marino (star of An Evening at LaCage) starring opposite Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality 2.  Speaking of Sandra Bullock, I witnessed the filming of a strange scene at the Venetian’s Canal Shoppe’s last year.  Sandra was giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Dolly Parton.  Italian gondolier types were involved, as well as the male lead, Enrique Murciano (TV’s Without a Trace).

I guess the violent threats paid off and the readers have spoken. Las Vegas Weekly Readers’ Choice Awards crowned our very own Monti Rock III the “Las Vegas Most in Need of a Reality Show.” The actual reality is that the private event hosted by Tangerine (this year’s “Best Hotel Bar” recipient) locked the sparks and flames we normally demand and expect from a VIP party. But hey, Monti was in the house!

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton’s rumored split with entrepreneurial ‘N Sync hunk Lance Bass really taken a toll.  He has resorted to attending lame world premier openings and after-parties, such as Greg Thompson’s Erocktica Live, which recently opened at the  Rio. The show claims to have audiences on the edge of their seats. Rest assured, they are absolutely correct. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire show waiting impatiently for the boredom to end.  I spent the entire night trying to see that trouble Lance and Guns-N-Roses were getting into at the after-party hosted by Club Rio.

While we are on the topic of members of boy bands trying to become men, Justin Timberlake is doing all the good he can these days, even becoming a bona-fide double threat with his first big screen role, playing a reporter in Edison, which also stars Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman. I confronted Justin at a party hosted by the new recording label Ful at PURE, regarding a possible ‘N Sync reunion. “There’s still a chance that ‘N Sync could get back together,” Timberlake revealed.  “There’s a chance that Lance could still walk on the moon.” Justin told me he’s remained close with his old band mates. “Our relationship goes way deeper than records,” he insisted. “We’re friends, those are my brothers.”

Mamma Mia held a private showing to celebrate their two-year anniversary in Las Vegas.  Although the Vegas production lacks Tony Award-wining acting, you can’t help but be entertained throughout this toe-tapping musical.  Our hosts spared no expense with an all-you-can-eat seafood spread and cocktails at the after-party located at RM inside of Mandalay Place.

Krave Men premiered at Krave Nightclub (Las Vegas Weekly Readers’ Choice Award recipient for “Best Gay/Lesbian Club”). Besides one or two hunks in the show and a hot and heavy carwash scene, this production didn’t leave you craving anything except QVegas’ Sexiest of 2004 “Sexiest Showboy” winner Mychael Ludwin from We Will Rock You who was in the audience at the press premiere show.  Kenny Kerr was a good last minute addition as host. After a slow start, he quickly captivated the audience.  However, it is going to take more than a good host to get people to Krave Men.  And before I forget – the cast member who decided to appear on stage with a nappy forest on his chest: make him shave or cast someone else!

The Friday night crown has been passes to revamped Hamburger Mary’s. They have been drawing an unbelievable crowd for the midnight Drag It Out show.

Pamela Anderson signed autographs for fans at the unveiling of her Playboy slot machine at the Skin Pool Lounge.  Afterwards, she hosted a fashion show at Rain with an all-star cast including David LaChappelle, Stephen Dorff, Russell Simmons, Dennis Rodman, Playboy’s Miss January Destiny Davis, and Adrianne Curry of America’s Next Top Model. During the slot machine’s unveiling, George Maloof arranged for the “L” and the “S” to flicker off the neon Palms sign atop the tower, leaving only the letters “P,” “A” and “M.”  David LaChappelle’s photo of a nude Anderson hatching from an eggshell was also projected over the full length of the Palms tower.

For all of you that abandoned Queen mother Gipsy Nightclub when mega club Krave opened, don’t worry, they will always welcome you back.  The addition of general manager, cutie Marc Garcia has definitely started to pay off.  Check out their party marathon happening every Friday and Saturday this month. Get in the vibe of Asia, Purple Passion, Glo, Ice and Heat.  Be prepared for themed décor, fashion shows, balloon drops, Go Go boys, shot specials, and much more.


Q Vegas Magazine March 2005 – On the Q-T – Out on the Town with JL Jordan III

Q Vegas Magazine March 2005

On the Q-T

Out on the Town with JL Jordan III

The Palms Casino Resort hosted the World Premiere of 20th Century Fox and Regency Enterprise’s film ELEKTRA, starring Jennifer Garner at Brendan Theatres on January 8, 2005. Jennifer looked flawless on the red carpet and denied rumors that she is pregnant.

If you are looking for a great show, see Forbidden Vegas. It’s a funny musical revue that spoofs traditional Vegas acts. The cast is fabulous. This is a no frills show – no special effects, no props, no big screens – just pure entertainment! However, it is forbidden to poke fun at the legendary Gladys Knight. Remove that piece from the show IMMEDIATELY! Forbidden Vegas’ official VIP world premier pre-party needed some work. Fortunately, they recovered with a delightful after-party.

Pamela Anderson and David LaChapelle were a few of the celebrity guests who attended the Gala Premiere of Cirque du Soleil’s latest creation, KA. More than 4000 celebrities, VIPs and media guests celebrated KA at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, where they partied in a festive “Global Village” until early light. The show’s title is inspired by the ancient Egyptian belief in the “ka”, and invisible spiritual duplicate of the body that accompanies every human being throughout this life and into the next. Who cares? One Cirque show has water, one has fire, one has sleazy seductive scenes, and they all have midgets flying through the sky.  Well, no more. My mouth was open from beginning to end. To be honest, that can be accomplished with a lot less dinero.

Speaking of things that can rock your world. After an eye-popping intro with hot Twinkie boys, We Will Rock You accomplished just that. They rocked me right to sleep. I woke up just in time for the entertaining closing tribute of Queen’s number-one hits.

Rumor has it that there is a “spat”  brewing between Frank Marino and his An Evening at La Cage co-stars. Unidentified sources say Marino paid the $15,000.00 for his own star on the Walk of Stars. Frank, you are undoubtedly a good businessman. Are you that desperate to prove to the world that you are a star? Calm down – over twenty years of success on the strip in a dress and heels is a testament to that.

The strangest thing happened to me the other day. I was watching Megan Mullally (Karen of Will & Grace) nibble on some olives when a friend called and invited me to join him for dinner at Olive’s in the Bellagio. Due to the psychic power exhibited by the universe, I quickly accepted the invitation and headed over to enjoy a tantalizing meal on the patio in front of the dancing fountains. No worries – my psychic powers are strictly food-related. Getting to my point, the attentive and detailed oriented service at Olive’s is arguably the best in town, the atmosphere is charming and romantic, the food is simply divine, and the music is soft and sassy. Executive chef Steve Mannino creates mouth watering exotic dishes with olives-which I am still researching to see if they are legal.  However, if you are on a budget, please save up before making a reservation – or consider getting a second mortgage.

Looking for a pre-party spot to hang out? Your prayers to the party GODS have been answered. New management at Hamburger Mary’s has quickly revamped the once bone-tired joint. A great new menu, and cute and witty bartenders give plenty of reason to regularly hang out in the oversized bar area.  If you’re looking for an alternative to Starbucks, grab your laptop! Lounge and work in Mary’s new coffee shop, complete with sofas, wireless Internet service and yummy cookies. I recommend going late afternoon. There is a server in the coffee shop that I wouldn’t mind tasting. Stop by Thursday nights to see the revamped Drag it Out show hosted by Michelle Holiday (former Miss Gay Las Vegas) who recently added the entertaining talents of SiSi Grant (former Miss Youth Gay Pride) who is also double-booked at the new drag show at Krave.

Speaking of the mega club Krave, they recently premiered their new show, Krave Drag hosted by the talents of Naya Simone (Miss Gay Pride Transgender). Reviews are mixed, so the jury is still out. However, with an all-star drag cast such as Cara Young (make-up artist and stylist to the stars), with good direction, and a good promoter, this show definitely has the potential to succeed.  Either way, after a brief dry spell, Krave still rules Saturday nights.


Q Vegas Magazine February 2005 – On the Q-T – Out On the Town with JL Jordan III

Q Vegas Magazine February 2005

On the Q-T

Out On the Town with JL Jordan III

It’s a new year and I am excited that things are calming down after a festive New Year’s Eve in the forbidden city.  Many top celebrities from sports, music and movies were sighted spending their dollars bringing in the new year in Las Vegas. However, the most memorable was Anna Nicole Smith. Trying to out perform her Oscar worthy, introduction of Kayne West at the Grammy’s last year, Anna rang in the New Year’s 2005 at the Aladdin Resort and Casino.  She spent more than a few minutes rubbing up on musical sensation Lionel Richie. Lionel only had a few minutes for the cameras. He was busy trying to keep an eye on his off the circuit daughter, Nicole Richie (co-star of The Simple Life 2). Noteworthy, for some reason Nicole kept disappearing and reappearing.  While Lionel was busy looking for Nicole, I was busy searching for Anna’s son Daniel.  He is YUMMY.

Speaking of yummy, you should check out the VIP catering services from Prepared by Bonnie.  She was just voted Best Caterer in Las Vegas.  I tasted her food at a few celebrity parties and the food was incredible.  Now she’s doing weekly dinner deliveries to my home, packed perfectly with directions for a non-chef like me to understand.  E-mail her at bonniesmithlv@aol.com for menu options.

Diva duel or not? Is this really a rivalry? The legendary female impersonator Kenny Kerr, a Barbara Striesand impersonator, vs. the media mogul female impersonator Frank Marino a Joan Rivers impersonator.  Hands down Kenny Kerr is a great entertainer.  However, after celebrating a 20-year run on the strip headlining as the star of LaCage at the Riviera, this diva award goes to the undisputed queen of female impersonation, Frank Marino.  Frank, undoubtedly you deserve the second star of the Walk of Stars. While we are on the subject of men who make a living dressing up as a woman, Note to Shannel (the star of Illusions Cabaret and Seduction at Gipsy Nightclub): please keep giving it your all.  Your hard work and dedication to the profession of female illusion will get your name in neon lights one day very soon.  Until then, continue hosting those memorable holiday parties.

I had the honor of spending a few minutes in line at Starbucks with his Excellency Daniel Ayalon, Ambassador of Israel to the United States of America. I asked Mr. Ayalon his opinion on the World Peace 2005 being hosted in Jerusalem this year.  He replied, “if we have prospects for peace in the Middle East, we have prospects for individuals surviving being openly gay in the Middle East as well.” Not exactly an award winning response. However, he did order the award winning peppermint mocha!

Forum Shops at Caesars Palace recently added a dining gem. Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab is the culmination of a partnership between Lettuce Entertain You, ICON and Joe’s Stone Crab, the legendary seafood restaurant of Miami Beach. Originally opened in Chicago in the fall of 2000, Joe’s features an extensive selection of seafood, flown in fresh daily, to complement the world’s finest Florida Stone Crab claws. Joe’s has quickly built a reputation as a top steakhouse in the city of sin, featuring their signature 16 oz. New York Strip Steak. Matched with Joe’s famous side dishes, dinner only gets better when capped with a slice of key lime pie.  Enjoy a generous cocktail in the bustling lounge or the tuxedo-clad service of the clubby dining room and you’ll understand why dinner at Joe’s has quickly become one of Las Vegas’ favorite social engagements. However, if you are looking for mouth-watering eye candy waiters, don’t go during lunch. FYI…they seem to only appear during the dinner shifts.

Underwear models? Well, rest assured your chances of finding them at the Eagle are slim to none. This venue is not one that regularly appears on my social calendar.  However, Chris Saldana (weekend anchor/field reported for Channel 8 and voted QVegas’ Sexiest News Reporter), John McCoy (show entertainment publicist), and I paid a late night visit one Wednesday night for their long-time running men’s underwear night. We had a lot of fun and laughs. It is amazing what people will do for discounted well drinks and draft beer. Hey, John, thank you for saving me from that self proclaimed make-up artist to the strippers. Wait, what happened to the dark back room at the Eagle?


Q Vegas Magazine January 2005 – On the Q-T – Out On the Town with JL Jordan III

Q Vegas Magazine January 2005

On the Q-T

Out On the Town with JL Jordan III

Everyone knows that my favorite Las Vegas diva is the legendary Grammy award winner Gladys Knight. Her show at the Flamingo was recently canceled for about two weeks due to her being under the weather. I am pleased to report that she is doing much better and back on stage belting away.

This month’s diva award goes to the powerhouse vocalist, Celine Dion. The less than award winning opening has made a major turn for the better. A New Day is amazing. The stage production, music, singing, and dancers are outstanding. There is a hot scene in the show with all her topless male dancers seductively swarming around Celine, who is sitting in a chair in the middle of the stage.  Trust me, there was more on the rise during that scene, than the theatre’s thermostat.

I attended the annual holiday party for local ABC affiliate, Channel 13 (KTNV) at the Hafbrauhaus House. It lacked the spark and flames of their previous parties. However, Action News In the Morning anchor Rikki Cheese, reporter Cheryl Getuiza, and I had a blast stalking a certain hot German waiter. After several drinks, and tipping him just walk by our table, we discovered he is not on ‘the team’. Weekend weather man/anchor Rob Blair was in the running until he had to retouch his makeup and go do what he does best. Queer Eye for the Weather Guy failed to succeed with Nathan Tannenbaum, chief forecaster. Unfortunately, Nate has returned to wearing his signature plaid sweaters.

If you are looking for a cool pre-fruit loop stop on Thursday nights, stop by the open mic night cabaret show at E.A.T., which is connected to the undisputed reigning king of Saturday nights, Krave. A recent Thursday night chat during the show with former Cosby Show actor, Malcolm Jamal Warner was a bit odd.  Malcolm came up to me and said, “I love the gays.” Later on, I spotted him leaving the club with a flawless woman.  No, not a drag queen, but a real woman.

Speaking of Krave, hunky boy Chris Judd, former husband of JLo, paid a visit one late Friday night. Rumors and promotional materials teased a visit by JLo that following Saturday night for Jeffrey Sanker’s birthday bash. However, after hearing of her former husband being too close for comfort the previous night, she decided to send in her stunt double, the former Ms. Gay Las Vegas and member of the legendary cast of La Cage, Alexia.

Wednesday and Friday nights have been less than appealing in our community.  If you have been looking for something to do on these nights, the legendary Las Vegas gay nightclub Gipsy is attempting to come to the rescue with a new Martini Ultra Lounge. There is cool ultra lounge music with a tasteful martini selection. They have also made recent changes to Tuesday nights by eliminating the Lip Sync competition and replacing it with a boy’s night. Keonie is the new DJ on Tuesday nights with female illusionist Shannel performing.

Honorary hosts Kathleen & Wayne Newton, with special guest, Miss USA 2004, Shandi Finnessey, were among some of the who’s who at the grand opening celebration of Tadashi Shoji (official designer of the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants) retail boutique inside the Forum Shops. Proceeds from the evening benefited Opportunity Village. The Versace Home Store VIP Grand Opening was held the same night and time slot of the Tadashi party. However, after a quick stroll through the gaudy store, I opted to head over to Tadashi to hang out with Mr. Las Vegas and his sidekick Miss USA.


Q Vegas Magazine December 2004 – On the Q-T – Out On the Town with JL Jordan III

Q Vegas Magazine December 2004

On the Q-T

Out On the Town with JL Jordan III

In November Elton John celebrated the release of his new DVD set, Dream Ticket during a star-studded event in Las Vegas. A handful of celebrities walked the red carpet at Caesar’s Palace and were treated to a few performances from the Rocketman. Dream Ticket includes four DVDs of rare concert videos and behind-the-scenes footage and is on sale now.

Wayne Newton is the first star to be included into the Las Vegas Walk of Stars.  In a dedication ceremony held at Gilley’s in the New Frontier hotel, dignitaries and politicians, including Mayor Oscar Goodman paid tribute to Mr. Las Vegas. Newton’s new star will be placed in the Walk of Stars on the sidewalk in front of the New Frontier, where Newton performed for many years.

The Rainbow Lounge had drawn the curtain on the Dining with The Divas dinner show. However, the show’s creator, Alex Villasuso never stays down for long. Stay tuned for news on the show’s move to a new venue.

The restaurant options in Las Vegas keep getting better. There are three hot new choices at the Fashion Show Mall: Café Baba Reeba, Maggiano’s, and RA. Café Baba Reeba, an authentic tapas gem with vibrant décor and vivid Mediterranean colors, is the perfect backdrop for enjoying tapas – the ultimate in grazing. Maggiano’s is an authentic Italian restaurant, blending the tradition of family, the celebration of friends, and cuisine in an atmosphere reminiscent of pre-World War II Italy, complete with red checked tablecloths and family portraits.  RA is a Sushi-lovers delight with eye candy servers that will keep you drooling throughout your entire meal.  However, smokers beware, what may appear to be matchbooks are not. These tiny giveaways actually contain condoms.  Can you say ‘gay-friendly?’ All three restaurants have patio seating and include a great view of the soon to open Wynn Las Vegas resort.

A recent late-night dinner with some friends at Spago was delightful. I caught a glimpse of John Sommers, who took time out from politics to dine with three of his tantalizing friends. Unfortunately, none of them were available as menu options.  Jermaine Jackson paid the eatery a visit, but didn’t stay long. The former Jackson 5 member just popped in to use the men’s room while his girlfriend waited patiently.

I enjoyed the company of Kerry Lacy (make-up artist and stylist to the stars), Brandon Johnson (Gipsy’s entertainment and marketing director), and Jarrod Meistle (Vegas real estate hunk) at a recent performance of Havana Night Club at the Stardust Hotel & Casino. We had the honor of sitting behind legendary magicians Siegfried & Roy. Rest assured.  Roy is not always confined to his wheelchair.  Each time a cute boy walked the runway, Roy found the energy to stand up, smile, and applaud like a sugar daddy at Krave nightclub on a Saturday night.  Roy opted to go backstage in the middle of the show, while Siegfried waited patiently until the end.

Speaking of Krave, the hot spot is getting better each week.  The entertainment, staff, and atmosphere is exactly what the gay community had been ‘Kraving’ for quite a long time. The club brought in legendary DJ Junior Vasquez, for a late night spin and reminded the hardcore partiers what good music and mixing is all about. Hunky calendar boy and former winner of CBS’ Amazing Race, Reichen appeared at Krave recently to sign his new beefcake calendar and stuck around to dish the dirt in the QVegas VIP cabana.  I wonder what they were talking about?

Daniel Mahan, president of eNYy Models and QVegas fashion editor spared no expense during his annual Halloween bash. With a large dessert spread, DJ and a full bar, the treat of the evening was when Daniel’s stable of hot “twinkie boys” pranced throughout the spacious house in a unique runway show for the invited guests.